Social Gatherings

Astonbury 2018
On a gorgeous sunny evening, 40 plus Congleton Rotarians, family and friends, descended on the local music festival for an evening of fun and laughter. Under the welcome shade of the gazebos was a fantastic spread accompanied by full BBQ and a lot of drinks. The music played and everyone joined in the dancing to make it a truly memorable night for all!
Terracotta Army visit
Members had a very interesting visit to the Warrior Army exhibition at the World Museum in Liverpool and were overawed by the sheer numbers and complexity of the Warrior Army, including individual facial expressions, of which only a small proportion were on display. There were many supporting artefacts from the site which is the largest burial site in the world and was only discovered in 1974. Afterwards members had free time to either see the other sections of the World Museum or go into town and have a little ‘spend’!